Experienced. Innovative. Passionate.


Introducing Shawn Rock, the young, fresh and passionate master of the Wusthof.

Inspired by life and culture itself, this unique and skilled Chef de cuisine's dishes are constructed with nothing but intelligence, integrity and grace.

His rock star persona only heightens his craving to take risks and dabble on the wild side, yet he never misses a beat nor is there a season out place.
Familiar with the "art of food" his finished products are always aesthetically pleasing as they are mouth watering.

Chef Rock's cooking style is explosive, adventurous and authentic, with an elite quality to his creations that can't be denied.
Experiencing the works of this talented Chef is a MUST, as it is more than likely that when you taste the brilliance of each masterpiece he makes, you'll be wondering if it isn't magic itself on your plate.

"My goal is to continue putting smiles on my guests' faces, the minute the food touches their lips." - Chef Rock




Chef Shawn Rock